“How many do you have?
That’s the first thing they say,
When you pastor a church
In America today.
It seems we’re successful
By how many we HOLD.
But, if this is our theory,
Who will tell the untold?
If we get one to stay
It is said, “we are growing!”
We thrive on our reaping
But, what about our sowing?
It’s time for the churches
To start a new trend.
Let’s measure the success
By how many we SEND!
Let’s train up our people
So they become ‘world reachers’.
We’ll send them to nations
As missionaries and teachers.
They’ll begin to reach thousands
With the message they preach,
And the more that we send
The more that we’ll reach.
“How many do you have?”
Someone now may say –
Our church is INNUMERABLE!
Cause we send them away.
Kevin Kinchen